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Many people are adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle, so aluminum bottles are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. They’re infinitely recyclable, reducing waste on our planet and conserving the ocean to save the fish.

Currently, many people are looking for options to not use plastic bottles and instead opt for recycled material, like aluminum bottles. And we’re here to offer a custom design for labels to make your bottle and brand stand out.

Infinitely Recyclable Material

An aluminum bottle is made from raw aluminum, which can be infinitely recyclable by melting the metal and molding the bottle again.

It’s superior to single-use plastics and most recycled content because you can reuse your aluminum bottle to drink, then refill with your favorite spring water however often you’d like.

Aluminum Bottles vs. Plastic Bottles

Aluminum vs Plastic Water Bottles

When you choose aluminum over plastic, you help reduce waste and preserve the planet from plastic pollution.

A bottle made of aluminum is 100% recyclable and takes significantly less effort to be recycled than plastic.

However, when opting for single-use plastic, even if you throw it in a recycling bin, there’s no guarantee the plastic will be recycled.

Plastic will often be mixed with the rest of the garbage and turned into waste. So throwing it in the regular trash or recycling bin can feel like the same options.

Alternatives to Plastic

Other than using aluminum, there are other materials you can use to avoid drinking from a plastic bottle.

Glass Bottle

Glass Bottles are popular in European resurants.

A glass bottle is an excellent alternative to plastic, since it’s easily recycled. Additionally, a drink bottled in glass will taste superior to one bottled in single-use plastic. It’s a great option to enjoy some fresh spring water.

The downside to glass is that its heavy, fragile and very expensive to ship. In many cases the cost for glass is three to five times as much per bottle due to the various issues. However, glass bottles can be cleaned, sanitized and reused. Glass is a very popular option for organizations that utilize a collect and return program. There are no such programs that offer private label at this time. This is primarily handled by large brands such as Coke, Perrier, etc.


Boxed Water

Since a carton is easier to recycle than plastic, it’s considered a good alternative to reduce waste. It also has a lower carbon footprint than plastic, so it can help prevent even more plastic from being wasted. Unfortunately, only a small number of recycling plants are capable of separating the various materials involved in the beverage cartons. These materials include cardboard, the plastic or aluminum liner and in many cases, the plastic caps. Each material must be separated in order to be recycled. Otherwise the container is disposed of as waste.

Why Use a Custom Label for Your Bottles?

There are many reasons to have a perfect branded bottle. Let’s take a look at a few cases where having your own brand label can benefit you.

Increased Brand Exposure

Share your message and hydrate at the same time!

By distributing bottles with your custom label at events or meetings, you can increase brand awareness.

Positive Brand Association

Generate Positive Brand Awareness with Custom Labels. Great for special events.

By choosing eco-friendly bottles, you can display a commitment to sustainability and resonate with environmentally conscious consumers.


A quality bottle of spring water can go a long way at corporate events, fundraisers, and product launches. It’ll keep people hydrated and happy while increasing brand awareness.


Overall, using aluminum is a superior choice to plastic in any situation. It’ll improve the quality of your drink, provide a longer shelf life for your products, and create a safer environment.

So if you’re looking to increase your brand awareness while keeping the planet safe from plastic waste, we’ve got you covered. Let people enjoy fresh spring water from an aluminum bottle with your custom brand label on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aluminum-bottled water safe to drink?

Yes, drinking water from an aluminum bottle is safe. They’re lined with a food-grade coating to prevent the water and metal from mixing. It ensures the water will be fresh and free from a metallic taste.

Can aluminum bottles be reused?

Yes, aluminum bottles are reusable. They are excellent alternatives to plastic and help reduce plastic waste. Additionally, your brand will be continually exposed through the bottle since it’ll be reused instead of thrown out.

What are key design elements to consider when creating a custom label for aluminum bottled water?

There are two major elements to consider when designing your custom label: color scheme and logo placement.

While picking a color scheme, you should consider a color that makes your brand stand out.

When deciding on your logo’s placement, consider adding it in a position that’ll be completely exposed to increase your brand awareness.

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