Water Bottle Sizes

Custom Water offers several water bottle sizes ranging from 8oz to 1 Liter. The standard size water bottle can vary based on end user need and application. For years our most popular private label water bottle was the 16.9oz size. In recent years this has shifted to the 12oz bottle size. In 2017, 12oz water bottle size makes up over 85% of the custom label water bottles that ship from our factory.

Bullet Water Bottle Sizes

12oz Water Bottle Size
16.9oz Water Bottle Size
23.7oz Water Bottle Size
1 Liter Water Bottle Size

Ready to start designing your own logo water bottle? Download our free water label templates.

The perfect water bottle size = 12oz

  • East to Carry
  • Fit in a Purse or Back Pocket
  • Fit in Cup Holders
  • Help carry the conversation
  • Large area to Brand
Water Bottle Sizes

Custom Label Water Bottle Sizes

  • 8oz Water Bottle ( 0.237 Liter )
  • 12oz Water Bottle ( 0.355 Liter )
  • 16.9oz Water Bottle ( 0.5 Liter )
  • 23.7oz Water Bottle ( 0.70 Liter )
  • 33.8oz Water Bottle ( 1 Liter )

In addition to having the option of bottle size, we offer a variety of caps colors and options. Just ask.

Regardless of the bottle size you select, each bottle that leaves our factory is both BPA free and recyclable.

12oz Plastic Water Bottles are the best for Custom Label Water. For grocery stores & discount outlets, the 16.9oz water bottle is the most popular. Why the difference? Read on..

The size water bottle is driven by user need. The grocery stores goal is to maximize the perceived value for your buck, so more water is better. They are also frequently selling these water bottles below their actual cost in order to draw you into the grocery store (ex “Door Busters”).

The large water bottles are hard to fit into purses and oversized for the average hand. This typically results in a bunch of partially finished water bottles discarded around your property.

In Private Label Water, the 12oz water bottle is the golden standard. Businesses will typically offer custom label water bottles to enhance their brand experience. Many groups use custom labeled bottled water to promote a new product. Their target customer in this case is participating at an event or location. Maybe they’re visiting the hotel, or pitching a product. Whether it’s a sales room or a convention, there’s a goal at hand. The smart marketer provides the customer with an experience that is second to none. Are you ready to set yourself apart?