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Eight years ago, I took the reins of our 22-year-old company from my Grandfather, David, who founded our company with an incredible passion for entrepreneurship.
It was a thriving business, and I had a modern vision for our family’s legacy: to bring our business to a new level of sophistication and service.
When I entered into the private label industry years prior, there was (and still remains), a lack of female presence in the industry. The category was full of products that were dull and boring -- This is an industry that sells personalization, but was entirely non-personable.
This proved to my team and I that there was an amazing opportunity for change. We decided to revamp and reimagine what we could be, focusing more on producing a stylish product, fully prepped for branding and delighting. All the while putting our customers, and your customers, first.
Today our team consists of vibrant young creatives and seasoned industry veterans who are committed to bringing great tasting water, world class customer care, and a new standard for style to the table.
How do we achieve this? I am so glad you asked!

As a business owner, you know that running a business isn’t just about numbers. It’s about connection. The key to growing any business is to make a lasting, stylish impression on the people you want to serve.

We’re proud to offer next-level customer service, wholesale prices, expedited orders and nationwide delivery. All of our products are made in the USA, and six of our strategic vendors are family owned businesses as well.
We always encourage our customers to ask these questions: What do you want your brand to say? How do you want your customers to feel? Our team can help you create a branded gift that your clients and customers will love.
We’re a woman-owned, family-founded and operated business, and we’ve had nearly two decades of success by putting people before the bottom line. We’re extremely proud of both our family roots and our irresistibly #regram-worthy products.
Let us show you what Custom Water can do for your business.
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