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Wedding Water Bottles​

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Your wedding date is one of the most important days of your life. It’s that time when you gather guests for your big day to share a happy moment with everyone else, but especially your significant other.

Although there are many ways to make this special day even greater and more memorable, we have two amazing suggestions: custom water bottles for weddings and wedding water bottle labels.

Bottled Water for Weddings

Using a wedding water bottle with custom labels is an incredible way to set your wedding apart from the rest. You can create a collection of gifts of your own design to offer your guests as a way to remember your wedding through a unique bottle look or labels with your favorite things stamped.

You can either let people pick a bottle they want at the reception as they arrive, or set them at the tables with custom wedding water bottle labels telling a different story with a picture or quote for each table.

And after leaving your guests impressed with the design of your own wedding water bottle, they can drink the water to refresh and hydrate during the wedding ceremony, or perhaps the meal, and then of course dancing with a significant other.

Wedding Water Bottle Labels

An incredible way to personalize your wedding is by using wedding water bottle labels. You can create many different labels with different pictures of the bride and groom together. You can also use different pictures and colors to design something unique and beautiful.

A great idea is to find an old picture with a special memory attached and add it to the water bottle labels. It’s an effective way to share your memories with the guests while providing drinking water and a bottle to take home.

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The Many Advantages of Wedding Water Bottles

Bottled Water for Weddings | Customer Supplied Photo
Bottled Water for Weddings | Water & Wine go great together!

If you thought having custom wedding water bottle labels with your pictures was the only great addition to the party, you might be surprised to know there are many other advantages.


During such an important day, time flies, and it’s easy to forget to drink water.

However, when everyone has a wedding water bottle handy, they can keep themselves hydrated and refreshed during the whole celebration!


Your wedding water bottle makes a big difference to someone at a party. It’s an accessible way to keep water with you when you start dancing, rather than carrying a glass around.

Water bottles can also keep guests hydrated while sitting at their table, instead of taking up time to order water.


Wedding water bottle labels offer a great way to personalize your wedding with pictures and quotes from your journey with your significant other. Using our full color process printers we can print any and every color on your label at no extra charge. That means gradients, backgrounds, or even full photos are all possible.

You can fit different pictures and even select different labels for each table to make it click with the people sitting at it, sharing a particular memory of you with them.

Cost Saving

Weddings are expensive. But you can save on costs in a smart way by giving reusable bottles to everyone.

With custom wedding water bottle labels, you can turn simple water bottles into a memorable experience with little cost.


By providing people with recycling receptacles at the reception, you can promote a safer environment for yourself and everyone at the ceremony.

You can even use a different type of bottle material that lasts even longer, like aluminum. It’ll preserve your wedding water bottle labels for longer while providing a durable and easily recyclable water container for everyone.

Health and Safety

While your water bottle labels can provide style and add many incredible memories to your wedding, it’s important to remember everyone’s safety.

A bottle of water can go a long way toward ensuring everyone has clean and healthy drinking water whenever they need it.


Don’t forget that your imagination is the limit. By using a combination of different bottle designs and water bottle labels, you can customize your wedding to your heart’s content.

For instance, you can use water bottle labels for identification by adding a name to each bottle to provide a personalized experience for each guest. You can also use labels to decorate tables with images and messages.

Make Your Special Day Even Greater

The combination of a water bottle and custom labels can go a long way toward creating a unique experience for you and everyone else at the wedding.

If you’re looking to make your own custom label, we’ve got you covered. Give us a shout or drop us a note and tell us more about your special day and how you want your labels to look. We can make it happen.

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