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The bottle that will change your business.

You’ve been looking for that one investment that generates huge ROI. The low cost leader in your marketing budget that your competitors haven’t discovered. The secret recipe has been in front of you ALL ALONG. It’s sitting on your desk, right now. When was the last time you drank a bottle of water? Stupid question. Who’s logo was on that water bottle label? The question we should both be asking: "Why wasn't it yours?"

A personalized bottle of water enables you to set a new standard with your customers. Start impressing them from the get go with something unique, something the competition has not thought of. Custom bottled water is super affordable and available at wholesale prices. The cost of a custom label water bottle is counted in pennies, a significant savings when compared to other types of advertising. Especially when you purchase bulk water bottles. The opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition is right in front of you. Now the question is, are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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Water Bottle Sizes

  • 8oz Water Bottle (0.237 Liter)
  • 12oz Water Bottle (0.355 Liter)
  • 16.9oz Water Bottle (0.5 Liter)
  • 23.7oz Water Bottle (0.70 Liter)
  • 33.8oz Water Bottle (1 Liter)

You will see increased sales with
Custom Plastic Water Bottles

We asked our customers what the secret to their success has been. They are seeing MASSIVE results by focusing on each piece of the puzzle. From the invitations, to how the customers are greeted once they arrive, and how they are thanked when they leave. Custom disposable water bottles are the answer. Increase customer satisfaction and branding for pennies.

According to the USGS[1], the average adult consumes anywhere from 2.2-3 Liters of water a day. You will be offering them a product they want.

Words directly from our customers;

"Open the door and offer them a label bottle of water."
"We put bottles in the vehicles cup holders. Our message ends up all over town with our customers (indirect) endorsement. Way better than a business card"
"We figure at least 20% of our water gets into our customers homes. What a great way to make a profit and sell ourselves!"

Personalized bottled water is being used with great success in the following industries;

  • Sporting Events
  • Fundraisers & Charities
  • Universities
  • Spa’s and Health Clubs
  • Retail Chains
  • Nightclubs
  • Trade shows
  • Restaurants
  • Boutiques
  • Auto Dealers
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Event Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Valet Services
  • Catering Companies
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Weddings

We handle everything for you!

  • Amazing Prices on Water Bottles.

    Take advantage of wholesale pricing and bulk specials.

  • We design water bottle labels.

    Our art team creates your label to your exact standards.

  • We handle bottling and labeling.

    All the work is done for you. When your custom label bottle water arrives it is ready to distribute and enjoy!

  • We deliver everywhere in the USA

    Shipping is quick and efficient from our 9 water bottling plants. This saves you time and money.

Ways to Customize Water Bottles

The label on your custom water bottle is a great place to maximize marketing and make the organization shine. We have a number of ways we can brand and customize water bottles. You can start by providing the information on your business card and scale up from there. If you can dream it, we can do it. Here are just a few of the more popular options;

  • Company logo or Brand
  • Marketing slogan or product info
  • Phone number, website, license info etc.
  • Brand colors
  • Add a photo of the facility or product

Wedding Water Bottles are a great example. Popular information on the water label includes the couple's names, fun facts, date they met, future plans and maybe even an inspirational quote.

Mini Water Bottles
Your wonderful design and critical information are elegantly placed on a high quality waterproof label. For additional ideas, take a look at our label gallery here. We offer free label templates in various sizes for those looking to create their own party labels.Let us create your custom logo water bottles! has an expert graphic design team on staff. All you need to do is send us a few pieces of information and we cab handle the rest!

Custom Water Bottle Options

CustomWater supplies a variety of personalized water bottle sizes and label options. We run large quantities of blank water bottles wholesale then apply custom water bottle labels as they come off the line. This helps us achieve peak efficiency and drives costs down. Our goal is to provide you with the most affordable and best quality personalized water bottles.

Mini Custom Water Bottles
Customized Water Bottles
Private Label Water Bottles
my label water bottle
12oz Ribbed Economy
12oz Bullet Designer
16.9oz Ribbed Economy
16.9oz Bullet Designer

Add a few of these extras for a very unique touch.

Custom Water Bottle Caps
Clear Label Water Bottles
Foil Label Water Bottles
3 D Water Labels
Color Caps
Clear Labels
Foil Labels
3-D Clear Labels

Water Bottle Delivery Nationwide

CustomWater ships personalized water bottles all across the country at competitive prices. We operate 9 production facilities located strategically around the United States. Rest assured, our premium purified water is both delicious and water sourced locally. Economical shipping rates are offered to all 50 states! Custom logo water bottles and waterproof labels will be manufactured as close as possible to the final delivery destination. This helps insure speedy delivery, quick turn time (measured in business days!), and an incredible level of service. We regularly deliver custom labeled water to a wide variety of industries. In addition, we provide curb side delivery to residences and special off site locations. We are happy to support customers big or small; if you are hosting a bridal shower, providing wedding water, or to supply a chain of hotels, we are standing by. Contact us to discuss your needs.

We Ship Nationwide

About our Personalized Water Bottles

Personalized Water Bottles

Our personalized water bottles are manufactured in the United States. We take pride in creating high quality, durable plastic bottles. Our bottles are BPA-Free. We use BPA-Free bottles to insure that nothing comes between you and great tasting pure water. All of our plastic water bottles are recyclable.

We have an expert label design team in house. They are tasked with creating custom logo water bottle label designs that impress both you and the clients you are serving. Each custom water label is full color process (CMYK). This means we have the ability to print every color in the rainbow on the label, if that is what you desire.

Our 8oz, 12oz and 16.9oz custom logo water bottles will easily fit into hands, cup holders or purses. The 1 Liter bottles we offer contain several servings of great tasting water. While slightly larger in size, they make for a great option when you are looking to enhance table service.

Some customers prefer mini water bottles with custom logos -- in which case we would point to our 8oz and 12oz offerings. While the cost per label water bottle is about the same, you have the option of two different serving sizes. The 8oz bottle was our most popular mini water bottle until we introduced the 12oz bottle size. The 12oz has become our number one selling custom water bottle. This is by design as the 12oz bottle provides 50% more water, increased visibility and marketing options, and comes in a beautiful cylinder “bullet” style.

How to Order
Personalized Bottled Water

The first step to placing an order for custom bottled water is to request an estimate. Once we know your bottle style and delivery location, we can put together an estimate for you and your team to review. Once the estimate is approved, we will be happy to create a custom water label using your logo. All you need to do is send us your logo and let us know what you are looking for. The team at Custom Water will take care of the rest!

Information required for bottled water orders:

  • How many cases you would like to order?
  • Bottle Size and Style? We offer a variety of sizes including Standard, Large and Mini custom water bottles.
  • Any special options or extras you would like (colored/sport caps, special label types etc.).
  • Shipping & Delivery Information (i.e. lift gate, delivery window, date, special requests).

These details help us dial in your labeled water bottle estimate. We can begin production once the estimate is approved. With, orders are turned rapidly. Response times are measured in hours and orders are turned in a matter of business days. The best way to do this is send us a message or give us a call.

How to place orders for repeat customers
If we have your artwork on file, repeat orders are super easy. Just give us a call or shoot us a message and we will get started on your custom labeled water right away. It is as easy as that! We keep all label information on file and can easily place the same exact order as you initially placed, with no added costs! In many cases, you will find savings on follow up orders.

How soon can I receive my water bottles?

Our team works fast. Once label artwork is approved, personalized water bottle orders are typically filled in 3-4 weeks for first time orders. We can ship re orders in 10-12 business days. Recurring orders take 7-10 days, sometimes much less. Depending on your proximity to our water bottling plant, deliveries can take place next day or up to 4 days after the product is produced. Understand that these are quoted times, but in many cases we are shipping much sooner.

Looking for more than just a few cases of water bottles? Ask us about our..

Bulk Water Bottles

Bottle Water Research Sources:
[1] U.S. Geological Sciences: Water Properties
[A] CRV, or Container Redemption Value, is a deposit program run by 10 states in the USA including CA, CT, HI, IA, ME, MA, MI, NY, OR and VT.
[B] We process recycling on behalf of California Customers & water shipments to CA on behalf of CalRecycle.
[C] Shipments to the State of New York are compliant with the NY Bottle Bill.