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Bulk Bottled water at wholesale prices

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Buying bulk water bottles is a great way to save money. At we offer both custom label bottled water and generic water bottles. Why buy generic water bottles when you can personalize your label with

Custom Bulk Water Bottles are available for the the same or less money than generic water brands!

We offer wholesale prices to all customers ordering pallets or truckloads of bpa free plastic water bottles. This enables you to purchase bulk water bottles, branded with your name and logo, at a serious discount.

We Bottle, Warehouse and Ship Nationwide!

We are built from the ground up to support you. Instead of shipping water bottles across the country to your various locations, we can ship your bottles locally. has the largest network of custom water bottling and warehouse facilities in the United States. We offer both bulk purified water and bulk spring water. In addition we can run bottom dollar cheap bottled water or high quality private label bottled water. Your choice!

It gets even better. We can split your order of bulk cheap water bottles and ship to your fulfillment center or directly to your end destination.

To further simplify your life, we offer a central point of ordering, product tracking and inventory accounting.

We support retail shops, boutiques, restaurants, ice cream chains, auto groups, hotel chains, water wholesale distributors, bulk drinking water suppliers and more with direct to destination delivery service.

Rather than promote a big generic brand, buy personalized water bottles in bulk at wholesale prices.

How many water bottles in a pallet?

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Bottled to the highest quality standards

Why Buy Bottled Water in Bulk?

This is a question that comes up regularly. In the interest of saving money, purchasing as much water as you can store and realistically use will help you reduce your overall costs. In some cases, doubling your water bottle order may only result in an extra 20% in cost!

The reasons are numerous and range from cost savings (its significant!) to your customers demand outpacing your expectations.
  • Buying Water Bottles in Bulk Saves You Money

    The easiest way to bring your water bottle cost down is to buy bulk water bottles. From a manufacturing perspective, we have to setup the custom water bottling line and label rolls for each project we run, regardless if you are running 1 bottle or 1 million bottles. With that said, we achieve efficiency (and you see lower costs) when we run more rather than less water bottles at one time. This helps drive your cost down significantly.

    When it comes to shipping water bottles, the same concept applies -- there is a base cost to each delivery. The more water bottles delivered per shipment means your able to spread that cost across more bottles. If we run multiple pallets or even a truckload, you can save even more money.

    Rather than have several deliveries per month or year, taking more bottles per delivery reduces the number of trips the driver needs to make. In addition, the more cases/pallets the driver can deliver to you each time will reduce his number of stops (and fuel needs), translating into additional savings on your invoice.

  • You will find more ways to use water.

    It typically starts with needing only a few bottles for a special event or a party. Once you have those bottles in hand that all begins to change. You and your team will quickly discover all sorts of ways and places to use custom bottled water that directly benefit your organization.

    You may start by using your water bottles as ice breakers for your sales team. From, you might decide to place a bottle in a cup holder, or in a gift bag as the customer leaves your property.

    Oh, your hosting a special event next week? Someone will invariably suggest using your special bottles for that event as well. Why not, right? After all, they are personalized with your logo and information.

  • Your customers are thirsty!

    The average human consumes approximately 2.2 liters of water per day. We are thirsty! The fact is your customers will love your water so much they will be begging for more. Between your great looking bottles and the warm weather, your private label water bottles will go quick! We see it & hear it all the time from our customers. The calls are the same -- "We ran out faster than we expected!" & "How soon can you get us another order?". By ordering water bottles in bulk, you will be better able to keep up with the increased demand.

  • Private Label Bottles are more desirable than generic brands.

    You have built a brand that has captured peoples attention and drawn customers to you. There is value in your brand that not even you may realize. By placing an eye catching bottle of water in front of your customer, they will find themselves drawn to it. One of the largest convention hotels in the country - a Hilton that will go unnamed - found they sold 4x more of their own water than that of the internationally branded water they had been using. So much so, they removed the competitor bottles from inventory! Another tidbit for you - during Covid the world learned how dirty reusable water bottles and coffee mugs can be. With health concerns and brand awareness taking top priority, custom label plastic water bottles have become increasingly popular. Our prices are better, even when paired against reusable water bottles purchased in bulk, which translates into better margins and higher profits for you. Your bottles carry your brand & information home with the customer -- and getting into customers homes is serious marketing.

What is the cheapest way to buy drinking water?

The cheapest way to buy drinking water is in bulk. The regular trip to the grocery or warehouse store for a few cases at a time adds cost transport, time and your overall case cost. Instead, try to consolidate your needs into one order and buy bottled water in bulk. The more cases you order at one time the lower your overall cost per bottle becomes.

The first step to placing an order for bulk bottled water is to request an estimate. Once we know your bottle style and delivery location, we can put together an estimate for yo.

What is the cheapest water?

The cheapest water is either Costco or Sams Club water purchased directly from their warehouse in person. Both are members only club and require an active membership to purchase, but members can take advantage of the lowest possible costing by doing so. The bottles are cheap and flimsy, the caps occasionally pop off and the labels…well you know the drill. But if its cheap water you are after, that is the bang for your buck.

Can you buy large amounts of water?

Yes, at we offer small orders with as few as 36 cases and large orders up to multiple truckloads. Really, we can produce as much water as you are ready to receive, or can afford.

What is the wholesale price of bottled water?

The wholesale price of water varies based on type (generic or custom) and quantity. Prices typically range from $0.19 per bottle to about $0.45 per bottle.

How much is a case of 24 water bottles?

A case of 24 water bottles can range between $3 all the way to $20+ depending on a variety of factors. Generic vs custom water label, water type, additives, container type (glass vs plastic vs aluminum), and ultimately the brand on the bottle.

How long does bottled water last?

Bottled water is marked 2 years from the date of production. These bottles are typically stamped at near the top or bottom of the bottle marking the date of expiration.

What is the best way to store bottled water?

There are several ways to improve the shelf life of your bottled water.

  • Keep the bottles out of direct sun until they are ready to drink.
  • Keep the bottles in a temperature regulated environment. We recommend anywhere between 50-70°F. High heat or low temperatures work against you. The temperature swings can make the bottles seem flimsy.
  • Keep the bottles sealed until you are ready to drink them.
  • Do not store bottled water near any toxic chemicals or fuel.

Shipping Bulk Water Bottles

Pallets of wholesale water bottles are sized 48” x 40” and can be shipped very inexpensively utilizing our nationwide bottling facilities and shipping network. We ship with strategic partners and bid out each shipment for the most competitive rate based upon your parameters.

We offer guaranteed, expedited and standard truckload and less than truckload rates. If your company has a UPS or FedEx account that you would prefer to use, that is an option as well.

Got Storage?

If you have storage available, we suggest purchasing multiple pallets of bulk water bottles at a time. The more private label water that we can run at one time, the more you save. If price is the most important factor, cheap bottled water is available with a generic label. If you are buying generic label plastic water bottles in bulk there can be significant savings to be had. You can save even more money by shipping these pallets together at the same time. Please contact for special rates on multiple pallets and truckload orders of wholesale water bottles.