Bulk Water Bottles, Wholesale Prices

Buying bulk water bottles is a great way to save money. Why buy generic water bottles when you can personalize your label with CustomWater.com?

Custom Bulk Water Bottles are available for the the same or less money than generic water brands!

We offer wholesale prices to all customers ordering pallets or truckloads. This enables you to purchase custom labeled bottled water in bulk at a great discount

Buy Bulk Water Bottles and Save!

Bulk water bottles are an excellent choice when you are expecting big crowds, or plan to utilize the water bottles over a period of time. Our 8oz, 12oz and 16.9oz and 20oz bottles are packed 24 to a case.

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Personalized Water Bottles Wholesale


Pallets of wholesale water bottles are sized 48” x 40” and can be shipped very inexpensively utilizing our nationwide bottling facilities and shipping network. We ship with strategic partners and bid out each shipment for the most competitive rate based upon your parameters.

We offer guaranteed, expedited and standard truckload and less than truckload rates. If your company has a UPS or FedEx account that you would prefer to use, that is an option as well.

If you have storage available, we suggest purchasing multiple pallets of bulk water bottles at a time. The more water bottle labels that we can run at one time, the more you save. You can save additional money by shipping these pallets together at the same time. Please contact CustomWater.com for special rates on multiple pallets and truckload orders of wholesale water bottles.


Buying personalized water bottles in bulk will provide you a better price per bottle than most commercial brands. The savings comes from utilizing your brand rather than investing into another company.

Personalized label water bottles also enhance your customer experience while communicating important information to customers.

For those of you with multiple locations, we can split your order of bulk water bottles and ship to your fulfillment center or directly to your end destination. We support retail shops, boutiques, restaurants, ice cream chains, auto groups, hotel chains and more with direct to destination delivery service.

Rather than promote a big generic brand, buy personalized water bottles in bulk at wholesale prices.

Your brand. Your bottle. Your profit.