Put your BRAND
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Labels for Water Bottles

How does the custom label design process work?

We Design

Our talented team will design your water bottle label based on your brand and needs. You provide the logo, we handle the rest.

You Approve

We will submit design proofs for your review & once finalized, a print proof for your approval. Once approved, we go to print.

We Produce

Once the labels are printed we can begin bottling. We fill the bottles, label them, and prepare them for shipment.

We Deliver

High quality labeled water is delivered to your location. These bottles have your label applied and are ready to drink or distribute.

The best looking bottles.
The best custom labels.

Your label is a direct representation of your brand and your Custom Water Bottle Label is an opportunity to add a unique touch. Being unique means as much to us as it does to you. Your satisfaction, brand awareness, and projects success all serve to motivate our team at Custom Water. We utilize State of the Art label printing equipment to create a world class product. The Custom Water label design teams purpose is to create a label ensuring your bottle leaves a lasting impression.

A wide variety of custom labels available.

Custom Water printing technologies are very specialized. Four factors drive the water label printing process; cost, quantity, time to market and quality. Once these factors are defined, one of the following label printing options is selected;

Digital Label

Great for rush orders and short runs

Flexographic Label

Excellent for bulk orders, clear labels and matching brand colors

Cut and Stack Label

Very cost effective for small or bulk orders

Want to design your own?

Download our free label templates!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your logo! Best formats are vector based: SVG, PDF, EPS, or Illustrator

  • Photographs & Art Assets – High Resolution (300 dpi please)

  • Colors, Brand Guidelines, and or Fonts

  • Any copy – ie. Phone, Website, Address, Business License, Slogan etc.

  • No, they will print looking very fuzzy, grainy, or “pixelated”. We do have the ability to vectorize your logo — if need be — to make it print clean and clear. Please ask.
  • Our standard print is full color (CMYK). This means you can pick and choose one color, or every color under the rainbow and print it on your label. There is no extra cost for this.
  • Not anymore. We found that our clients were sourcing our high quality labels and attempting to place them on Costco or Walmart flimsy ribbed bottles. After seeing the end result (and time required), our clients would often call us back and ask us to apply the labels onto our bottles for them. Can you find someone who will sell just the label? Sure. Is it worth it? Depends on your time and what you are willing to accept as the final product. This is not something we recommend though.