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New York Custom Bottled Water

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New York Custom Label Water bottles are both great looking and great tasting. takes pride in producing personalized water bottles for customers ranging in size from neighborhood churches to Fortune 100 companies. Our Private Label Water is provided to corporations, businesses and event planners with delivery service throughout Manhattan (the Big Apple), Long Island, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Syracuse and Albany. We offer extended coverage throughout the rest of the State of New York with regular stops to Upstate New York and the Hudson River Valley. These are just a few of the areas we deliver great tasting custom label water bottles to on a regular basis.

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Bottled Water that you can build your brand on.

Modern Look. Incredible Taste. Next Level Service.

Great Tasting Water

Protected Natural Spring Source with one of the purest Springs in North America -- we have a TDS of 5.5! The water is piped straight from the spring to our bottling plant. The most environmentally friendly way.

NY Certified Bottling

Certified by the New York State Department of Health Bureau of Water Supply Protection. We are one of the few certified bottlers that can legally supply bottled water throughout NY state.

Quick Turnaround

We deliver throughout New York 5 days a week. First time orders can take 10-21 days. Recurring orders can ship in 24 hours!

It’s no Secret that New York is a major global driver of fashion, finance, art, and entertainment. New Yorkers pride themselves on building brands – both big and small. Over the years CustomWater had received numerous requests to expand to the Big Apple in order to better support this growing market. We are proud to say we are now officially bottling in the North East!

Having store brand or generic mass market labeled products at your event or business would be cliché — especially when custom bottled water is so affordable. Being a state bordered by water, those in the “Big Apple” are no strangers to the beauty and refreshing properties of h2o. With that said, you may only have one chance to set that positive first impression.

The fast paced life style, aka the New York Minute, makes Personalized Water Bottles a must have in New York. Our premium purified water provides a great taste while our VIP labels promote your brand and contribute to your customers great experience. Set yourself apart.

We take tremendous pride in servicing New York Hotels, Night Clubs, Wedding / Event Planners, Museums, Schools, Auto Dealers, Sports and Event Centers, Realtors and Retail shops.

We bottle at a protected Natural Spring source in Pennsylvania. Our bottling facilities operate using state of the art equipment.

Some of the biggest brands in business (and sports) use our product.

Go Yankees!

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