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Custom Water Support

Learn more about setting up your own custom water label artwork.

Vector Logos & Artwork

Vector Files enable your logo to be printed in the highest possible quality and resolution. The most common vector file formats are:





The big difference between vector files and your more common web files (jpg, gif, png) is that vector files can print in high definition, they can scale to be extremely large or small and look perfect (think Billboards or vehicle wraps or business cards) and the image itself will be very sharp.

Web files or photos from say Instagram when printed will produce very grainy and have soft fuzzy edges. We create basic web concepts with low res web files but we are very limited with how far we can manipulate the backgrounds or various objects. Please supply vector files so we can output the best possible looking label proof for you.

If you don’t have access to a vector file don’t worry. For a small fee we can recreate your logo as a vector file. When the vector process is complete we will both put together your label concept AND supply the vector logo file for your future marketing projects.

In most cases the designer who created your logo sent over a series of files. Many of them may not display on your computer. Not to worry, just forward those to us and we sort through them for you. Or, if you are in contact with your artist, just ask them to forward the vector logo files.

For those of you looking around online for "free vector file converters" we can save you some time. Unfortunately those programs do not work and the output is just a low res web file saved in a vector file container. This will still need to be recreated by our artists.

Need help creating a vector file?

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

High Resolution Photos

Please supply photos that are 240 to 300 dpi (dots per inch). If the file is supplied by your mobile device – please make sure not to check the “optimize for email/web” button. We want the raw / high resolution photo.

Can’t you just use a photo from my website?

Unfortunately, no. Files pulled from a website are low resolution (72-96 dpi) and will print very fuzzy.

What happens if I don’t have access to any photography?

We have a few options. First – we can go with a full color background or leave the label background white for a very clean and modern look. The second option is that you can source a vector background or high resolution stock image from any number of providers on the internet. This will have a small cost, typically $20, or free, depending on where you source it from.

Label Templates

Download our free bottled water templates to get started on your project.

**Note: These templates are supplied for conceptual purposes. Final label specs will be provided with your quote. Please contact your sales rep to confirm label template.

Need a special label template? Contact Us

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Submitting Artwork

Please make sure your art assets are embedded into the artwork file you are submitting.

Font Outline (Convert to Paths)

We need your fonts to be outlined so that the formatting and styling retains when it switches between your computer and ours.

If using illustrator, please make sure you convert your fonts to paths.

Select  -> All

Type  ->  Create Outlines

File  ->  Save.

Can I remove the bottling contents and source info?

You are welcome to change the font of the FDA required source and contents information to match your brand. The size of the information needs to stay the same (and pass a readability check). 

When submitting artwork, please make sure to include the Federal and State required Source and Contents information as this is legally required information.

Please submit artwork or questions to your sales representative. If you have not already received a quote, please request one. This helps begin the process.