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Custom Water Bottling

Custom Water Bottles

We handle the entire process, start to finish. You can order as few as 36 cases all the way to multiple truckloads of customized water bottles.

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Water Bottle Labels

We print high quality labels in full color with your logo. Custom labeled bottles of water can be placed in fridges, ice buckets, and counter tops.

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Order in Bulk + Save

Custom label bottled water is perfect for retail stores, hotels and events. Discounts on recurring, bulk and truckload labeled bottled water.

Shipping Bottled Water

Bottled Locally

With custom bottled water facilities and warehouses located throughout the USA, we can ship faster than the competition and save you money.

Your Source for the Best Custom Bottled Water.

Millions & Millions of Branded Bottles of Water Sold.

Branded Bottled Water

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The Premier Private Label Bottling Group

Our goal is to provide excellent quality custom label bottled water and help you quench your customers thirst. We offer both Purified and Natural Spring water in our private labeled bottled water. Our personalized water bottles help you stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression. Our 5-star customer reviews are proof that you are in the right place. We are a 100% American owned and operated business with facilities in 10 different states across the USA. We serve businesses, organizations, weddings, parties, events and individuals looking to brand and promote themselves with high quality custom label bottled water. can deliver across the country. We ship from our loading dock to just about any location a truck can access.
Our company is proud to offer customized bottled water for any occasion with next-level customer service, wholesale prices, expedited orders and nationwide delivery. All of our personalized water bottle products are made in the USA.
Contact us to request a free quote and custom label design consultation.

Proudly Woman Owned + Family Operated + Made in USA


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This might be your first rodeo, but it sure ain't ours. We'll handle each task, start to finish, so you don't have to.
Once you give us the green light and a few details, you can sit back and relax. In just a short amount of time you will have a refreshing bottle advertising your business.

Bottled Water at Great Prices

Take advantage of our great wholesale pricing. The more water bottles with labels you buy, the better the bottle cost.

We Design your Custom Labels

Our art team creates your label to your exact standards. Your brands colors, logos, photos and info are front and center.

We Apply your Custom Labels

All the work is done for you. When your labeled water bottles arrive they are filled with drinking water and ready to enjoy!

We Ship

With multiple bottled water facilities located throughout the USA, we make shipping your corporate water bottles fast and easy.

The Branded Bottled Water experts.

Reviews as of 6/13/24
Chandler H.
Chandler H.
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The team at custom water is great to work with, they turned our project quickly and we are very satisfied with the results. Do not hesitate to use them.
Brit K.
Brit K.
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I couldn't be happier with the way the product looks the process of getting the design done and delivered ahead of time. We will definitely work with Custom Water for all of our future projects. Brit Kring
Joe J.
Joe J.
Read More
These guys are AWESOME!!!! If I could give 100 stars, I would! We've placed 3 orders with them now and we've been blown away every single time.
Samantha T.
Samantha T.
Read More
Great and quick service! Super satisfied with my experience and the attention to detail!
Joe A.
Joe A.
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Love working with them! Always so friendly and quick turn around. Highly recommend.
Taylor C.
Taylor C.
Read More
I was nervous about everything being correct and the color being what I requested. To say I was satisfied would be a complete understatement!!! I definitely recommend them for their professionalism and customer service. 5 stars!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Order Personalized Bottled Water?

The first step to placing an order for custom bottled water is to request an estimate. Once we know your bottle style and delivery location, we can put together an estimate for you and your team to review. Once the estimate is approved, we will be happy to create a custom label using your logo. All you need to do is send us your logo and let us know what you are looking for. We will take care of the rest!

Information required for bottled water orders:

  • How many cases you would like to order?
  • Bottle Size and Style? We offer a variety of sizes including Standard, Large and Mini custom water bottles.
  • Any special options or extras you would like (colored/sport caps, special label types etc.).
  • Shipping & Delivery Information (i.e. lift gate, delivery window, date, special requests).

These details help us dial in your labeled water bottle estimate. We can begin production once the estimate is approved. With, orders are turned rapidly. Response times are measured in hours and orders are turned in a matter of business days. The best way to do this is send us a message or give us a call.

Can I get a custom quote?

For a custom quote and consultation on logoed water bottles, please reach out to [email protected] or call (877) 891-4274. Be sure to include any special needs and or notes about your project. We will circle back shortly with additional information.

How do you ship bottled water?

Typically our shipments go out on 48″ x 40″ wood pallets and are transported by a trucking company. The footprint is similar to the footprint of your fridge at home. These pallets of bottled water can weigh up to 2000lbs for a full pallet. Due to our significant volume and quantity of shipments the freight carriers provide us special negotiated rates that we pass on to you to make shipping as cost effective as possible.

These shipments of bottled water can be delivered to your home, your office, your warehouse, etc. Give us a shout and we can figure out the most cost effective solution for your needs.

How do I place a re-order?

If we have your artwork on file, repeat orders are super easy. Just give us a call or shoot us a message and we will get started on your custom labeled water right away. It is as easy as that! We keep all of the information related to your imprinted water bottles on file and can easily place the same exact order as you initially placed, with no added costs! In many cases, you will find savings on follow up orders.

How soon can I receive my water bottles?
Our team works fast. Once label artwork is approved, personalized water bottle orders are typically filled in 3-4 weeks for first time orders. We can ship re orders in 10-12 business days. Recurring orders can take as few as 7-10 days, sometimes less. Depending on your proximity to our water bottling plants and warehouse facilities, deliveries can take place next day or up to 4 days after the product is produced. We do our best to communicate a clear timeline and follow up with tracking information as soon as your order of custom labeled bottled water ships.
What info is needed for my custom label design?
  • Your logo! Best formats are vector based: PDF, EPS, or Illustrator
  • Photographs & Art Assets – High Resolution (300 dpi please)
  • Colors, Brand Guidelines, and or Fonts
  • Any copy – ie. Phone, Website, Address, Business License, Slogan etc.
Are logos and photos saved from the internet ok?

No, they will print looking very fuzzy, grainy, or “pixelated”. Images from the web are designed to download on your computer quickly (makes websites seem very fast). Images and artwork intended for print take much longer to download but include a wider range of colors and cleaner edges. You can see an example of web vs vector graphics on our label setup page.

High quality artwork is typically produced in vector format (Ai, EPS, SVG, PDF). We do have the ability to vectorize (recreate) your logo — if need be — to make it print clean and clear. Please ask.

How many colors can I have on my label?

We can print any and every color in the rainbow at no extra cost. In art nerd speak, we print full color process (CMYK). If you are trying to reference a brand color, please provide the PMS code and we will do our best to match.

How can I make my own water bottle labels?

The first step to creating your own water bottle label is to download our water bottle template. Once you have our template you can begin placing your content, placing copy, and changing colors. Most of the water bottle labels that we print involve some combination of a company name or logo, a website url, phone number, address, slogan, promotional message.

Once your water bottle label design is ready please be sure to give us a call and we can handle the printing, bottling and label application process for you.

Can you private label water?

Yes! We at Custom Water are the private label water experts. Over the last 22 years we have produced tens of millions of private label bottled water projects – ranging from single individuals exploring a product concept, to car dealerships, churches, banks and mortgage offices, casinos, hotels and resorts, special events, political campaigns, helping kick start bottled water companies and even grocery and department store chains with custom bottled waters.

Can you design a water bottle?
Yes, absolutely. Either you can send us your logo, information and colors and we can design a water bottle label for you. Alternatively, you can download a free water bottle label template and design your own. The labels we print are super high quality. Once your label is designed and printed we can apply them to a high quality water bottle and deliver the custom labeled bottled water right to your door. Contact Custom Water for more information.
What paper do you use for custom water bottle labels?
We use a polymer (plastic) material for the vast majority of our labels. If the lowest cost is the primary objective then occasionally we run a paper product, or a semi-gloss (paper with a gloss coating).
How do you make a waterproof water bottle label?
The trick to making a waterproof label is to print on a poly or plastic material which use for the majority of our projects at Custom Water. The plastic waterproof label material may add a bit of cost when compared to paper labels, but we find that it is a great investment in the overall custom bottled water experience and product quality. Water resistant (gloss coated paper), or paper labels tend to saturate once submerged in water or ice and can leave a mess on your hands. For best results, water bottles with paper labels are best placed on a countertop and kept away from moisture.
How do you print on water bottles?
Printing on water bottles themselves is very rare. That is typically done with a special printing press and bottle combination. Nearly all of the commercial products you see on the shelves or offered at local businesses are actually labeled water bottles. Meaning we print a label then apply to the bottle. We have found that by printing on clear material we can create the illusion of printing on the actual bottle. The clear plastic material is see through and once the ink has cured and bottle wrapped it becomes very difficult to tell that the label was applied rather than printed directly onto the bottle.
What program should I use to create a water bottle label?
If you do not have the ability to design a label – no worries. Just send us your logo and info and let us handle the placement of your branding on the label. Once the label concept is complete, our team will send you a virtual label to review and approve. If you are interested in creating your own water bottle label you have several options. Many of our clients that are designing their own labels use Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is the best option as the program outputs vector artwork. Vector artwork is the best option for printing clear and crisp graphics. Other alternatives include Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or the online service
Do you sell the labels by themselves?
Not anymore. We found that our clients were sourcing our high quality labels and attempting to place them on the flimsy low quality bottles typically sourced at Costco or Walmart. After seeing the end result (and time required), our clients would often call us back and ask us to apply the labels onto our bottles for them. Can you find someone who will sell just the label? Sure. Is it worth it? Depends on your time and what you are willing to accept as the final product. This is not something we recommend though.
How much does it cost to customize a water bottle?

The cost of custom label bottled water is typically between $0.25 and $0.48 cents per bottle. The difference in cost is driven by the quantity ordered and produced at one time. The more you order the lower the cost becomes.

How do you put a brand on a water bottle?

To place your brand on a water bottle all you need to do is email us your logo and info. We will put together some label concepts for you and your team to review. Once you are ready we can begin the order and bottling process.

How do you print your name on a water bottle?

Brands and names are printed on labels which are then applied to the bottle. Either you or we can design your label. Once approved, we can print and apply your custom labels to bottled water and ship them to you. When you receive the water bottles they will be ready to drink, sell, or giveaway.