Custom Bottled Water for Churches

You strive to make your church the location people can receive sanctuary and hope. What better way to create community around your church than to offer your valued patrons a bottle of your church logo bottled water?

Car Dealership Water Bottles

Custom Water Bottle labels with your church information on them is the most cost effective method to spread the word and your message. Members of any different church and religion need to hydrate with bottled water. You can give this to them while advertising and promoting your church.

Church Label Water Bottles

You don’t need to only advertise your church location but can also give a message of hope in a bible verse, fund-raise for different activities, and advertise special worship groups. All of this information can fit beautifully on a standard water bottle label.

Giving members of your church a custom labeled bottled water will show them that your church is willing to go the extra mile while also giving them the information needed to participate in church activities.