Custom Label Water Pricing

Custom Water Pricing

We offer wholesale pricing private labeled water bottles. Our pricing includes full service – helping you from conception to delivered product.

Customers call each and every day — telling us they need custom label water bottles and ask us to “handle it” for them. This is where we shine.

We take care of everything for you, from start to finish and provide you with a finished custom label water bottle that is not only great looking but delivered to you at a great price!

Our custom plastic water bottle pricing is down to a science. For those of you that are numbers people, the cost of your water bottle is based on the following factors:

  • Type & Size of Bottle

    We offer blank water bottles in 8oz, 12oz, 16.9oz and large sizes up to 1 Liter.

  • Type of Label

    Solid is our most popular water bottle label; it is both cost effective and very impactful. For those looking for more, we also offer Clear, Foil and 3-d at additional cost.

  • Quantity of Bottles/Cases you are looking for

    Pricing is based on volume. The more you order, the better your per bottle price.

  • Your Shipping Destination

    We offer Nationwide Shipping and will bottle your project at our nearest plant.

  • Any special needs upon delivery?

    Is this going to a loading dock? Curbside? Does the truck need a lift gate? Reservation required?

  • Recycling Taxes (If applicable)

    Ie. California & New York deliveries add $0.05 per bottle CRV [1]

The more bpa free water bottles in bulk that you order, the better your pricing becomes. We have several bottling facilities across the nation that are manufacturing custom water bottles on a daily basis. This means your shipping rates are incredibly low due to our close proximity to all the major metros. To take it a step further, we offer local freight pricing in many of our major markets.

Our 12oz and 16.9oz custom disposable water bottles are by far our most popular option. While pricing is based on volume of bottles, here is an idea of how little your custom labeled water bottles can cost:

Custom Water Bottle Cost

12oz Ribbed


As low as, Per Bottle

12oz Bullet


As low as, Per Bottle

16.9z Ribbed


As low as, Per Bottle

16.9oz Bullet


As Low As, Per Bottle

Be sure to let us know if you are planning to make this a recurring order (a few times a month or throughout the year), or if this is a one time order. By printing more labels (ie 10,000, 25,000, 50,000 labels) at once we can save you even more money! And better yet, you don’t have to receive all of the water at one time. We can inventory your labels for you at one of our bottling plants and ship you pallets as you need them. With the right information we can get your pricing down and create cheap custom water bottles for your project should you desire.

Give us a shout or request an estimate and we can fill you in on the details.

[1] CRV, or Container Redemption Value, is a recycling deposit collected in certain states to encourage recycling.