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Personalized Water Bottles at Resort Hotels and Inns

Custom Water Support
As your guests enter your resort hotel, you can count on them being thirsty. Break the ice at the front desk with refreshing private label water bottles when your guests check in. Complimentary Hotel Water Bottles are a great way to both brand your property and communicate your customer first approach. Your hotel guests may stay over the course of several days or even a week. Through their stay, guests will have plenty of time to experience the different services your facility offers. You can continue to impress them with hotel water bottles placed throughout your property; ie. at the pool, the bar & restaurant, and finally during the evening bedside/turn down service.
To complete your guests fantastic experience, the resort hotels valet service can place 2 bottles of personalized water in the cup holder of the departing vehicle. The resort hotel brand is insured to accompany your guests home or to the next destination. Your unique water bottle label is sure to impress and customers will love to take it home with them as a souvenir, serving as a reminder of their great experience at your resort hotel. In order to compare the value of their branded water with generic premium water (ie Fiji), one of Custom Water’s most famous Convention, Banquet and Event hotels made a comparison test.
“Over a one year period, Hilton Anaheim, branded water outperformed Fiji branded water by as much as 6 to 1 while Hilton Anaheim cost was approximately ⅓ less”.
Hilton Anaheim
D.R. Purchasing Director

Custom Water bottle programs have been successful with national brands such as Hilton, Loews, Westin, Hyatt and Embassy Suites. Numerous independent hotels, inn’s and resorts also have successful water programs.

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