Spring vs Purified Water

Spring vs Purified Water – Which is Better?

In many places around the world, the choice between different types of drinking water comes down to safety. Safe drinking water is the number one concern in developing countries. 

The same cannot be said in the United States, where there are strict FDA and EPA standards to be met. People reach for a bottle of spring or purified water in the supermarket without much thought about safety. In the US, branded bottled water that makes it to the grocery store shelves has passed rigorous testing and are deemed safe for public consumption. 

While all drinking water in the U.S. goes through filtration up to a certain degree, there are several distinctions among them, especially between spring and purified water, some pros and cons, worth enumerating to help you choose the best water for you and your lifestyle.

Is Spring Water the best choice for You?

Do not let the terms “artesian water,” “well water,” or “groundwater” confuse you. They are all spring water sourced from large underground water basins. From these underground aquifers, the water rises to the surface along the sides of mountains, valleys, hills, and natural water reserves. It picks up minerals along the way, giving spring water its fresh, mineral-rich taste.

The mineral content in spring water is based on the minerals present in the spring where water is extracted. High-quality spring water has calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, and other trace minerals, which is perfect for those trying to get their recommended nutritional daily intake.

Proponents of spring water maintain that its mineral content reduces the body’s susceptibility to certain diseases, helps maintain hydration and skin elasticity, supports bodily functions such as blood circulation and digestion, and boosts the immune system.

Be that as it may, drinking straight from local springs or untreated surface water may not be a good idea. Health authorities warn against toxins and contaminants from chemicals and animal wastes that make it to these sources.

To ensure the quality of your spring water, opt for bottled ones. The water is treated to remove water pollutants without removing essential minerals in the process so that bottled spring water remains great-tasting and mineral-rich.

What Exactly Is Purified Water?

Purified water is another popular choice in the market today, but what does “purified” exactly mean?

Many people use “purified water” and “filtered water” interchangeably, but there is more to purified water. As previously mentioned, all types of drinking water in the U.S. go through different filtration processes, whether regular faucet water, bottled spring water, or purified water. But not all of them are “purified.”

Purified water is subjected to additional processes to remove impurities like chemicals, such as lead and copper, and other contaminants. These processes may be a combination of carbon filtering, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization, microfiltration, UV oxidation, and ultrafiltration.

Purified Water - How it Works
Purified Water - How it Works
It doesn’t matter if the water is from a tap, the ground, or the ocean. The water goes through intensive treatment processes to remove harmful particles or substances and reach a “purified” status. EPA set the overall impurity level of purified water below 10 parts per million. This standard, which is more rigid than those specified for other drinking water types, ensures purified water is clean and safe for drinking.

Our Thoughts

There are two primary reasons why proponents of spring water prefer it over purified ones: minerals and great taste. On the other hand, because of the rigorous processes that purified water has to undergo, you can be sure it is clean and safe for everyday use.

It is safe to conclude then, that in places where safety is the rule, not the exception, choosing between spring and purified water usually comes down to personal preferences.

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