Water Purification Process for CustomWater.com

Custom Water utilizes a state of the art purification system for our custom labeled bottled water. Read on for more about our process to great tasting purified water.

Water Purification System for Private Label Water

We begin our purification process from the Municipal Water Supply. This source is similar to the drinkable water that comes into your home and is considered safe to drink.

CustomWater.com has a higher set of standards for our water purity and taste. Each and every drop of purified water flows through the following systems to insure that only the best, purest form of water touches your lips.

1. Sediment Filter
Early on in the process we trap and remove the larger particles in the water (ie. sand, dirt, slime etc.). This insures that these items do not damage our filtration system and also increases the speed at which the purification can take place.

2. Ion Exchange via Twin Alternating Water Softeners
Our Twin Softeners removes heavy metals such as lead, mercury iron and cadmium from the water.

3. Activated Carbon Filtration
Commonly known as Charcoal filtration, this phase removes Chlorine, Pesticides and Herbicides from the water.

4. Micro Filtration
We utilize a dual filter system that are sized 10 micron and 5 micron. These filters trap and remove any tiny particles.

5. Ultraviolet Disinfection
Ultraviolet light sterilizes bacteria, viruses and microbiological contaminants (if present). If found they then transfer to the drain.

6. Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Pressure is applied to spread the water across a semi-permeable selective membrane. During this stage any impurities are left behind as the membrane allows only pure water through. Impurities that are caught become concentrated and sent to the drain.

7. Ozone Injection
Ozone is added to water to remove oxygen and provide a final step of disinfection of the water and anything it touches.

Ozone is chemical free and is based on taking O2 (molecular oxygen) and through high voltage electricity, the molecule is split and recombined to form Ozone (O3).

Ozone is used because it is far superior to Chlorine on many levels. First, its significantly more effective in cleansing and sanitizing (about 1500x better). Second, it is tasteless and colorless, and after 24 minutes of application to water, returns back to Oxygen (O2) again.

8. Storage & Re-circulation
Water travels through a re-circulation loop while waiting to be bottled. While we have two tanks full of purified water ready to be bottled at any time, we like to keep everything moving.

Ready for bottling!
Now that our water has completed an intensive purification phase, we can begin bottling and labeling. Each of these steps help insure that only the best tasting, purest water ever touches your lips, or those of your customers.