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Dancing the night away while listening to the top artists in the industry can leave anyone feeling thirsty. Don’t hand your valued customer any ordinary bottle of water like Fiji or Smart Water. This just shows your nightclub isn’t a step above the rest. Hand out or sell a custom logo bottle of water with your nightclub information on it! Customers will be blown away by the extra steps you take to give them the best experience in the industry.

We supply many nightclubs across the country with personalized bottled water. They tell us that they make more money on selling their own brand than selling generic store brands! In addition, the volumes increase when Nightclubs serve their own bottles as your customers take them home as souvenirs. This is amazing as each water bottle you sell has your information on it, furthering your advertising and marketing! There are not many items you can sell that will make your nightclub money as well as help market your brand. Customers will be able to tell all their friends about the hottest nightclub with a souvenir to show for it!

Nightclubs and music events can run for several hours and sometimes even days! Your guests will need to stay hydrated in order to keep dancing the night away! According to the USGS, the average adult consumes anywhere between 2.2-3 Liters of water a day [1]. Make sure your guests have their own wedding day custom bottle of water. They will be blown away by your attention to detail as well as happy to have a bottle of water to sip on throughout the day or night!

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