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Custom Water Bottles for the Healthcare Industry

Custom Water Support
The U.S. Health Care industry is immense extending from properties with senior housing and assisted living to extended care nursing homes and finally hospitals. As patients, family members and guests entering your facilities, a thoughtful gesture is offering each person your custom water bottle. By providing your client with a private label water bottle at the time of entry, you are breaking the ice and communicating your customer first approach. This is important as family members and prospective customers take seriously how much care is taken as it shows a level of commitment to both them and their loved ones. Depending on the type of health care facility, your personalized water bottles can be served at point of entry, during special events, in each room, placed in vending machines throughout your property, and served in your dining facilities. New client and sales meetings are an ongoing procedure for health care facilities. What better way to break the ice than offering each person at the table a refreshing logo water bottle? Private label water bottles not only set you apart from the health care competition but insure your brand can accompany your patient’s, family and guests to their homes and final destinations. Your custom water bottle branding provides a unique opportunity to brand your facility, provide contact information and an uplifting slogan or message that is sure to inspire and build goodwill. is full service and can deliver anywhere in the nation. We handle everything for you! Learn more with a free water bottle estimate.

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