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Lets face it – people are dehydrated! When we are dehydrated we don’t perform well athletically and scholastically. School, College and University branded bottled water are a great way to solve that. Super affordable, accessible, natural hydration and the benefits will be felt and experienced throughout the campus. What better way to brand your school than with custom labeled bottled water?

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The uses throughout your campus are almost endless. From school cafeterias, food carts, to student dorms and campus restaurants. Custom water bottles can be distributed through campus bookstores alongside university logo clothing. In addition to carrying your university logo, your water bottle label can feature school slogans, feature upcoming events, and share inspiring messages.

Successful University water bottle programs have placed vending machines around campus at strategic locations. School branded water is a great way to hydrate thirsty students between classes and throughout the day.

Another excellent way to distribute your custom water bottles is through school events. From fall semester to the end of spring semester, the school calendar is chocked full – from athletic/sporting events, to musical and educational, to connections and fundraising, and last but not least to the graduation ceremonies. These events, and many more, include not only students and faculty but also family and friends. Custom logo water bottles serve as a healthy reminder of your school’s commitment to the community and support for the student body!

Private label water bottles are your most effective least expensive marketing vehicle. You are not only sending your brand home with students, faculty, family and friends but they are paying for your school’s advertising!

The good news is that bottles, warehouses and ships water bottles nationwide. We offer special pricing on bulk water bottles. Take advantage of our 9 bottling facilities strategically located throughout the country and let us ship within a matter of days to your school or local warehouse. is full service – we handle everything for you! Learn more with a free water bottle project estimate.