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Custom Label Water Bottles for Car Dealerships

See that person who just entered your car dealership? You can count on them being thirsty. Break the ice and show them you go the extra mile by offering your new customer a dealership branded logo water bottle.

Car dealer water bottles are a great way to strike up a conversation. The customer begins the conversation by THANKING YOU, instead of trying to avoid you and your team. Custom labeled bottled water enables your sales team to begin a positive relationship and set a great first impression.

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We can all agree that conversation is dehydrating. Let your marketing work for you. Your Water Bottle Labels brand your facility and keep that valuable conversation flowing.

We are proud to say we have worked directly with both BMW USA and Ford Motor Company on specialty bottled water projects, vehicle launches, trade shows and longstanding programs. In addition, has served the largest (by vehicles sold) Nissan and BMW dealerships in the United States. We’ve supported Auto Groups (ex: Penske) with stores across the country with water bottle programs and done so for over 15 years.

Their customer satisfaction and marketing teams have let us in on some of the secrets that make them great.

They focus on the customer.

This means that in addition to a handshake and introduction, their customers receive custom water bottles when they enter the property. The service departments leave a lasting impression by placing dealership branded water bottles in the cup holders when the car leaves the facility. These bottles go home or around town with the customer. This helps strike up another conversation about your dealership experience outside the facility and helps further make those marketing dollars work for you.

In addition, the dealerships we work with support local Charity runs, Fundraisers, Film Festivals and more with their auto dealer branded bottled water. They know their target customers are attending these events and so in some cases they are shipping pallets at a time to these events. The unique water bottle labels carry the dealerships message and brand — serving as a healthy reminder of your companies commitment to the community and support of the customer. Take a look at our work and let us know how we can support you and your car dealership team.